What is a jaffle?
A jaffle is a toasted pocket sandwich originated in South Africa in the 1950s.

What are JAFFLZ? What is the Jafflz Story?
Toasty gourmet pockets from Chef Meryl’s roots in Cape Town, South Africa, stuffed with her globally-inspired fillings, perfected over years of professional culinary travel. Made with clean, 100% natural ingredients, and containing no junk, our Jafflz are wholesome delicious perfection in a most convenient form. Savory or sweet, ideal for any meal. So grab a few and let the culinary adventure begin!

Jafflz Brand Licensing Opportunities:
Kiosk, and Food Truck. Call (435) 333-5233.

Jafflz Brand Wholesale Opportunities:
Coffee Shops, Juice Bars, University Campus, Sporting Arena, Amusement Park, Hotel, Resorts, Casino, Poolside Service, Airports, Hospitals, and other high traffic locations. Call (435) 333-5233.


How to eat a Jaffle?
Only way to enjoy this all natural toasted pocket sandwich is in a Jafflz recyclable sleeve or with your bare hands! Grab and Go.

How do I thaw my frozen Jafflz?
Thawing Jafflz- Thaw in refrigerator only for 6-8 hours, or overnight. Jafflz are good for 4 days once thawed.

How should I reheat my Jafflz?
Oven: Heat to 350 degree, place directly on oven racks, 10-15 minutes, depending on your oven and altitude. If you are heating multiple flavors, group flavors per rack to avoid confusion.
Toaster Oven: Heat to 350 degrees, place directly on rack, Jafflz will take longer at a lower heat in this small space. Please check that your rack is not too close to the top to avoid burning Jafflz.
Microwave: 2 minutes if frozen, add additional seconds if needed, then into a toaster or toaster oven for desired crispy bread.
Caution: Jafflz can get hot inside.

Does Jafflz offer any vegetarian or vegan sandwiches?
Yes, we have vegetarian options:
Chilaquiles- Egg scramble, Pico de Gallo, Cheddar Cheese & Cilantro
Mac ‘n Cheese- Triple Cheese
Vegan options:
Veg Curry – Indian Vegetable Curry, Legumes & Greens
Poblano- Mexican Poblano Peppers, Black Beans, Corn, Daiya Mozzarella Cheese

Does Jafflz offer any Kid’s sandwiches?
BBQ Sloppy Joe – Beefy Sloppy Joe, Cheese
Mac ‘n Cheese – Triple Cheese & Pasta Shells
Sky High Apple- Apples & Cinnamon, Secret Sauce

Do you have nutritional information?
Yes, on website in the Order Online section. Click on the Jaffle picture.

What are Jafflz bread choices?
Jafflz are made with whole wheat bread, or Cinnamon Swirl for Sky High Apple Pie.

Food Handling Information

Jafflz are fully cooked and frozen to store in the freezer.
Thawed/ Cold / Refrigerated Jafflz need to be stored at 40 degrees or below. Jafflz can remain at this temperature for 4 days.


How can I contact Jafflz?

Call 435-333-5233

Does Jafflz cater?
Local areas (50 mile radius) of Park City, UT covered only
We do offer catering. Minimum of 100 Jafflz order. Jafflz sandwiches, with either soup or salad. Orders over 200 Jafflz receive a complimentary staff for reheating Jafflz.

Jafflz Employment Opportunities?
Call 435-333-5233