About Jafflz®


Jaffle – A Retro Pocket Sandwich Originating In South Africa 

(Although The Aussies Like To Claim Providence As Well!) In Which A Sweet Or Savory Filling Placed Between Two Slices Of Bread, Placed In A “Jaffle Iron”, And Toasted.

Our Philosophy

From Chef Meryl’s heritage comes your new favorite food.

We all know how difficult it can be to find wholesome, natural and delicious food in today’s world filled with junk food. Well, Chef Meryl has an answer in Jafflz® – gourmet toasted pockets based on Chef Meryl’s many years traveling the world as a global gourmet chef.

From Chef Meryl’s heritage comes your new favorite food.

Chef Meryl’s story

Chef Meryl’s Journey to Bring You the Perfect Toasted Pocket

Chef Meryl van der Merwe was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, where she started cooking family meals at the tender age of ten—because it was fun! Later, she experienced cooking on a professional level during a “estage” at Cape Town’s legendary Victoria and Alfred, and the die was cast. Chef Meryl left South Africa at age 18, basing along the Cote d’Azur in the South of France for over a decade, and went to work traveling the world aboard super yachts, eventually assuming chef duties. Along the way, Meryl also received formal classical French culinary training at the Pacific Culinary Arts Institute in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Quality and Integrity

Our Products and Standards

Chef Meryl’s high standards and history of creating top shelf meals have resulted in her artisinal Jafflz® version of the pocket, made from scratch with all-natural premium ingredients. No junk — ever!

Jafflz® gourmet toasted pockets make it easier and more delicious than ever to eat well and enjoy doing it! Whether it’s breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, or dessert, there is a crazy-convenient Jafflz® pocket for you. Jafflz® — Real Food, Real Fast.

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