What are Jafflz®?

All Natural Toasted Pockets:

Simple Ingredients - No Nitrates, No Hormones, No Antibiotics.
Real Food. Real Fast.(TM)

Wow, this is not just a food, it's a total life experience!! Who would think you could take such simple, basic ingredients and create a totally awesome, healthy, delicious meal?

Busy Guy

It has an appetizing appearance and texture. It is warm and has a nice crunch. It is not hard to chew. The cut apple is sweet and tart and has a very pleasant flavor. It has a good texture in the mouth and is nice and moist.

Baby Boomer

So good! Glad they are available at the Univ. of Utah! Tasty, unique, and affordable South African sandwiches are perfect for students.

College Student

Delicious, quick and pretty healthy not to mention unique. Every one I've tried has been great and the desserts are a real treat.

Satisfied Customer

I was so excited to finally be able to purchase Jafflz at the grocery store! I put a refrigerated Vegan Goa Jaffle in the microwave for 1 minute and then popped it in the toaster and it was the PERFECT, PORTABLE, and HEALTHY breakfast option for my morning at the airport! Delicious!!

Busy Traveler

I've been enjoying Jafflz for quite a while now. Retired and living alone I find it very difficult to do much cooking for myself, and I definitely get tired of eating out. I've found that having a Jafflz is perfect for me. They are absolutely delicious with an amazing variety of flavors. Very healthy and so easy and convenient, ten or twelve minutes and take it with you.

Retired Bachelor

I stumbled across the vegan jafflz unexpectedly in a store in Price, Utah. Being vegan in this town is hard, but the vegan jafflz option being offered at our grocery store makes it that much easier. I can’t stop eating the vegan jafflz and have it at least 4 times a week. The flavor is amazing, & they are perfect as a meal or on the go!

Happy Vegan

Where & How to Eat Jafflz®

Big Day on the Slopes. Parks. Picnics. Hikes. Baseball Games. Football Games. Soccer Games. After a workout. After a great bike ride. After Yoga. Breakfast in the car. Lunch at your desk. Kids Birthday Parties. Before Dinner Snacks. Girls night with a great glass of wine. First Romantic Date Night. Book Club. Only one way to enjoy this environmentally friendly retro pocket sandwich…

We guarantee they will lead you on a global culinary adventure, exploring world cuisines in an approachable and delicious way!

Your Bare Hands!

NO Utensils = NO waste!

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