Team Jafflz

Jafflz® is the creation of Chef Meryl van der Merwe, a native of Cape Town, South Africa, and now a US citizen residing near Park City, Utah.

Chef Meryl honed her culinary skills in some of the world’s most interesting places. Ranging from the Mediterranean and the Caribbean to exotic and remote locales such as Micronesia and Irian Jaya, all while working for the most exclusive clientele onboard superyachts and in grand estates. Her experience and abilities in cooking global cuisines are virtually unparalleled!

After meeting her husband, Greg, in Palau, Micronesia, the pair first moved to the South of France where they formed Du Monde Gourmet Catering in the Town of Antibes. Eventually, they transported the business to Park City, Utah. A playground for celebrities, affluent visitors and outdoor enthusiasts who are attracted to the Sundance Film Festival and world-class outdoor recreation, as well as home to all those lucky enough to call it that.

After operating Du Monde Gourmet as a private chef business since 2007, Chef Meryl has branched into a new direction with the advent of Jafflz™. Here Meryl can wrap all of her global cooking and event experience into these brilliant pocket sandwiches. With the support of her business partner Kevin Plank, Chef Meryl has created the next step in the evolution of fast casual, grab-and-go gourmet food and is taking it to the streets—of everywhere!


Meryl Van Der Merwe



Who Eats Jafflz®?

EVERYONE. From the whipper snappers to the young at heart.