About Jafflz

Jaffle – A retro pocket sandwich originating in South Africa (although the Aussies like to claim providence as well!) in which a sweet or savory filling placed between two slices of bread, placed in a “jaffle iron”, and toasted.

Jafflz® – Our interpretation of the classic jaffle, incorporating Chef Meryl’s globally inspired fillings.

Chef Meryl grew up in the beach towns of Cape Town, South Africa, where simple jaffles filled with basic leftovers and toasted over a campfire or at a "Braai" were a favorite part of an active and outdoorsy childhood. During a recent visit to South Africa from her current home near beautiful Park City, Utah, Meryl rekindled her crush on these scrumptious delights, and knew that bringing such a classic together with her global culinary magic gleaned from many years working around the world as a gourmet private chef, Meryl started experimenting with more interesting fillings than those typically found in classic jaffles. And she discovered that the jaffle was the perfect vehicle for introducing a full range of global gourmet cuisines to an ever-increasing number of adventurous diners interested in wholesome, delicious and interesting alternatives to traditional "fast food".


Who Eats Jafflz®?

EVERYONE. From the whipper snappers to the young at heart.